We Are U Systems

Christo Myburgh founded UAS in 1997 and ushered the business into the Smart Meter Technology Solutions era. With 21 years’ hands-on utility management experience in all aspects of metering and billing, his long-term vision of utilities management with Grid Visibility, Control, and Modernization accelerated when UAS partnered with Networked Energy Services (NES) in 2014; and further accelerated when the UAS business transformed to U Systems in 2019 with business entity U Tech Dynamix (utilities management); and others; enhancing the value proposition to service the Power Grid and enhance property sustainability with an improved ecosystem between Landlord and Tenant.


Innovative Grid Modernization Software Applications and Products


The NES platform resulted from Echelon’s forward-integration of its control networking technology


We are the Smart Grid Security Experts. The Patagonia Security Platform is an integral part of every process of the NES solution


With acclaimed Metering, Management, Load Control and Renewable Solutions; World Class IoT Networks, Cyber and Data Security and Superior Power Line Communications for Grid Visibility, the U Systems business Vision is to Modernize the 400Volt Power Grid with reduced reliance on natural resources and infrastructure.


U Systems has a passion to reduce non-technical losses and implement micro grid control to improve efficiencies throughout the value chain and create a more competitive business environment that attracts investment into the region to stimulate the economy, accelerate electrification projects and create jobs.

Management Team