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U Tech Dynamix Products

Proven, Secure, Multi-Application

  • Enhanced Security
  • UC-3 Compliant Disconnect Switch
  • Larger Memory for More Data Storage
  • Multiple MEP Connections and Flexible I/O options
  • Cutting Edge Host Processor for Future Smart Grid Application Expansion
  • Innovative and Customer Friendly Mechanical Design

Gen 4 Single Phase Meter Features

Proven, Secure, Multi-Application

  • Enhanced Security.
  • UC3 Compliant Disconnect Switch.
  • Larger Memory for More Data Storage.
  • Tamper resistant security chip for key storage.
  • Secure remote firmware upgrades.
  • Multiple MEP Connections and Flexible I/O options.
  • Cutting Edge Host Processor for Future Smart Grid Application Expansion.
  • Innovative and Customer Friendly Mechanical Design.
  • Power quality measurements include: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
  • 4×16 channels of load profile data; each with independent configuration of interval, size and collection settings.

IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Key Features

Proven, Secure, Multi-Application

The MTR 3000 P2P meters support the P2P Gateway Module: a modem-equipped device that can be used to connect to NES System Software and commission the meter over a cellular network. P2P functionality provides the following additional benefits:

  • 2G / 3G modem support.
  • Future ready modular design for 4G modem.
  • IPv4 support.
  • Security: TLS 1.2 PSK using AES256- SHA384- ECDHE (RFC5246 and RFC5489). Remote key changes are fully supported.
  • Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) P2P Protocol: More efficient message size compared to other protocols.
  • Tamper detection and protection for both the communication module and SIM card.
  • Hot Swap Support: Meter does not need to be powered down to install/replace the P2P Gateway Module. No loss of electrical service on Module replacement.
  • Last Gasp Outage Notification.
  • SMS Shoulder Tap Wakeup (future feature).
  • FOTA: Over-the-air firmware upgrades for the modem and meter (future feature).
  • Internal/External antenna options.

Point-to-Point (P2P) Cellular Metering Features

Proven, Secure, Multi-Application

  • Energy measurement technology highly resistant to magnetic fields.
  • Complex multi-tariff energy measurements configurable to time of day, weekends, holidays and seasonal changes.
  • Configure and store up to 4×16-channels of load profile data.
  • Power quality measurements include: voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor.
  • Secure remote firmware upgrades.
  • Connect to auxiliary meters (gas, water, heat) and grid devices.

IEC CT Smart Meter Features

Proven, Secure, Multi-Application

  • Low Voltage Grid Mapping – Map meter, segment, feeder and transformer associations and report it to the system.
  • Fast Commissioning – Commission supported meters in single message exchange.
  • App Distribution Platform – Support for remotely and securely adding distributed applications and device/ sensor support drivers in the field.
  • Outage Detection – Backup power and quick burst message to provide Last Gasp notification to system software regarding a transformer outage on 1 or more phases.
  • Flexible and Secure Connections – WAN communication using any wired or wireless IP-capable network, supports data authentication and encryption on all data channels. Enhanced connectivity and modularity via USB.

DCN 3000 Distributed Control Node Features